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Born in Tuskegee, AL to Arthur and Ora Manning, Dr. Manning was a very studious and active child.  After graduating 6th in her class at Tuskegee Institute High School, she matriculated at the University of Alabama and received a Bachelor of Science in 1988.  Returning home, she began a Master of Science in Molecular Biology  at Tuskegee University but she knew that her goal was to become a physician.   She soon began her studies at the University of Michigan Medical School while she completed requirements for her Masters.

During Medical school, Dr. Manning accepted a Navy Scholarship to cover the cost of her medical training.  In 1995, Greta became the first physician in her family after graduating from the highly ranked University of Michigan.

Dr. Manning went on to complete a Transitional Residency at St. John Hospital in Detroit with intentions to complete a residency in radiation oncology that she had been awarded.  However, after a 4 year stent in the U.S. Navy as a general medical officer, her focused changed to primary care.  She then completed a residency in Family Medicine at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.  Having been given a 6 month waiver, Greta completed her residency early.

Now practicing in Clarksville, TN, Dr. Manning enjoys partnership in group practice where she serves more than 2000 patients.  But in 2006, she realized that she could not save everyone when her mother, Ora Manning, lost her battle to complications of end stage renal disease.

After asking God to give meaning to her mother's death,  Greta was given the acronym for Ora - Obliterating  Renal Ailments.  "We have so much information, yet so little.  The kidneys are delicate organs that can be effected by many things.  Once they are injured, many times we have no other treatment to offer except lifetime dialysis or transplant.  We need more research to help us better understand the basis of the injuries so we may develop other treatments for kidney diseases."

Dr. Manning has also  been moved by her patients who  cannot afford treatment or do not have transportation to obtain dialysis.  Ora's Alliance was thus birthed.

Born in 1935 to parents who were just one generation from slaves with less than eight grade educations, Ora Manning was the first in her family to receive a college degree.  A native of Montgomery, AL, she was a young woman who survived the turmoil of the civil rights movement.  After her Bachelors in secondary education, She received a Masters in reading education and Education Specialist degrees from Tuskegee University and Alabama State University respectively.

A champion for public education, Mrs. Manning began her career as classroom teacher and later served as principal, administrator and superintendent during her 30 year tenure.  Upon retirement, she continued her fight for excellence in public education with a successful run for the Macon County Board of Education in 2002.  She was elected President of the Macon County School Board in November 2006.  One week later she died suddenly from complications of kidney disease.

Her legacy lives on as we now educate the world about kidney diseases and raise funds to stop its devastating effects.

    About us

    We are a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization, we are committed to building public awareness of kidney diseases, providing funding for valuable research and supporting organizations that serve patients who suffer with end stage kidney disease

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